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The organisations behind SEEEDS are:
EPD is a not-for-profit organisation with a global remit to support democracy, that brings together a network of 19 organisations specialising in the different parts of a democratic system. EPD has long engaged in coalition-building for a European democracy fostering citizens' and civil society participation into targeted EU policy making processes. Our efforts include mainstreaming democracy and transparency in EU political processes and supporting the implementation of the EDAP. EPD research and advocacy work materialised recently in a comprehensive progress report of the EDAP (EPD; 2022) that outlines action points and recommendations in terms of protecting election integrity and promoting democratic participation including on transparent political campaigns and civic participation in elections.
Election Watch is an independent, non-partisan civil society organisation and network with long-standing international and citizen-based election observation and electoral assistance expertise. The organisation aims at observing and assessing the European elections and electoral processes in European countries with a focus on international obligations and commitments as well as on best practices to strengthen democracy in Europe. Through research, recommendations and advocacy, Election Watch contributes to the safeguarding and improvement of European and EU Member States’ electoral systems and processes, and more broadly to the strengthening of democratic political practice. Election Watch has conducted the first ever comprehensive citizen-led Election Assessment Mission (EAM) to a European Parliament election. The Final Report of the EAM 2019 has been referenced by the European Commission and presented to the European Parliament and the European Cooperation Network on Elections. Election Watch originates from Austria where it operates as (German for election observation) advocating for electoral reforms.
Democracy Reporting International (DRI) is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting democracy worldwide. We strengthen democracy by supporting the institutions and processes that make it sustainable and work with all stakeholders towards ensuring that citizens play a role in shaping their environment. DRI focuses on five key themes on democracy: justice, elections, local governance, digital democracy and human rights. DRI’s Digital Democracy programme focuses on threats to democratic institutions from the digital sphere. Our team of researchers, project managers and policy experts bring diverse backgrounds in quantitative data analysis, advocacy, law, policy and media. In addition to expertise on social media monitoring (SMM), our team focuses on emerging threats in the disinformation sphere, and advocating for better and more inclusive digital policy and transparency through regulation.
The European Platform for Democratic Elections (EPDE) was set up in December 2012 in Warsaw through 13 independent European citizen election observation organizations.The aim of EPDE is to support citizen election observation and to contribute to democratic election processes throughout Europe. EPDE improves the professional quality of its member organizations through peer-learning, tailored training and expert missions, and informs internationally about the findings of its member organizations. EPDE encourages, trains and supports experts and citizens who stand up for transparent and equal suffrage wherever it is at risk in Europe – be it in the European Union’s member states, the Eastern Partnership countries, or the Russian Federation.
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